New paper addresses legal analyses of monetary policy

A new paper by M. F. de Castro, which discusses legal analyses of monetary policy and its cross-border impacts, was recently published. The title of the paper is: “Monetary impacts and currency wars: a blind spot in the discourse about Transnational Legal Orders” (Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional 60(1): e006, 2017).


The paper focuses on the so-called “currency war” decried by the Brazilian government in 2010-2013 and takes it as an opportunity to describe some limitations of the international law approach called the Theory of Transnational Legal Orders (or TLO theory) with respect to its ability to adequately address cross-border monetary impacts.

The abstract of the paper is as follows:

The literature on transnational legal orders (TLOs) establishes new criteria for the elaboration of analyses regarding complex legal and economic issues which transcend the nation state. By looking into the so-called “currency war” controversy of 2010-2013, the paper argues that TLO theory remains limited in its ability to shed light on relevant aspects of cross-border impacts of monetary policy changes.

The members of the LESG will have a special interest in reading this paper, which may help to advance the Group’s discussions about the legal analysis of monetary policy issues.

The paper can be read or downloaded here.


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