What Can We Learn from Alternative Theories of Economic Development?

In the discourse about policy reform, the admixture of legal and economic ideas has become commonplace in a growing number of jurisdictions and in international law. But, of course, the “crisis” in the teaching of economics is also a crisis in economic thought. For those interested in the legal appropriations of economic ideas, spanning from “Law & Economics” (more recently “Behavioral L & E”) and “Law & Finance” to “Law & Development” and “Legal Analysis of Economic Policy”, the review produced by Ingrid Kvangraven is extremely enlightening and informative. The members (students, lawyers, professors) of the Law, Economy and Society Group (LESG) at the University of Brasília will have a special interest in engaging with the review and also with the book.


Developing Economics


As people across the world are struggling to understand the rise of Trumpism, anti-establishment and anti-free trade movements, Erik Reinert (Tallinn University of Technology), Jayati Ghosh (Jawaharlal Nehru University) and Rainer Kattel (Tallinn University of Technology) have put together an impressive Handbook of Alternative Theories of Economic Development that can help make sense of what’s going on. As the field of Economics has become increasingly narrow since the 1970s, many important scholars and theories have been excluded from the field, and since forgotten. This Handbook presents rich historical accounts and ideas that can help explain economic and social development, and is a much needed attempt to correct for the existing biases in the field of Economics.

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