Dissertation on ‘Law and Development’ will be presented tomorrow

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As part of the activities of the Law, Economy and Society Group (LESG), of the Faculty of Law of the University of Brasília (FD-UnB), José Flávio Bianchi will present his master’s dissertation entitled “The Debate about Law and Development in Brazil and the New Institutionalist Economic [Perspective]”. The event will take place tomorrow (April 17, 2013) at 3pm in FD-UnB premises. In his academic exercise, Bianchi offers an assessment of the influence of the thought of Douglass North on the elaboration of arguments by Brazilian authors writing on the relationship between law and economic development. Below is the abstract of Bianchi’s dissertation:

The present dissertation analyzes the influence of the new institutionalist theory of Douglass North on the debate regarding law and development in Brazil. For this purpose, I elaborate a review of the literature on the economic theories which have provided the basis of ‘classic developmentalism’ in Brazil, as well of the works belonging to the ‘neoinstitutionalist theory’ of Douglass North. Studies conducted by Brazilian jurists and related to the theme of development were also analyzed. The dissertation is divided into two parts. The first part, having three chapters, deals with theories which economists and jurists understand as beneficial to economic development. In chapter 1, I analyze the economic thinking of classic Brazilian developmentalism, including works by Celso Furtado and Roberto Campos, as well as theories that may serve as basis for the ‘new developmentalism’, such as Amartya Sen and Dani Rodrik. In chapter 2, I summarize the debate about the so-called “institutional turn”, which resulted from the incorporation of institutions into the development debate. In this chapter, the main ideas of Douglass North concerning institutions and institutional change are discussed. Chapter 3 depicts the rise of the ‘new developmentalism’ as a theoretical as well as practical project, and makes some comparisons of it with important aspects of its predecessor, the ‘classic developmentalism’. The second part of the dissertation, which has two chapters, focuses on the relations between law and development broadly considered. In chapter 4, the main arguments of the ‘law and development’ movement are discussed, ranging from Max Weber to the New Law and Development literature. Chapter 5 aims at analyzing the debate on law and development in Brazil based on the study of some selected jurists. At the end, we conclude that it is possible to establish some important links between the theory of North and some crucial aspects of studies conducted by Brazilian jurists related to the “law and development” movement.

All members of the LESG, as well as the academic community of FD-UnB, are invited to attend.

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