Research proposals discussed by the LESG

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During the second semester of academic year 2012, several research proposals were debated by the Law, Economy and Society Group (LESG) of the University of Brasília. Most proposals were presented and discussed in short seminars. Below are the (provisional) titles of some of such proposals followed by the names of researchers involved in developing them.

Credit Allocation to Small and Medium Enterprises in Brazil
(Marcio Valadares, Marcus P. Rosa)
The Growth of Private Pension Plans [in Brazil] in Light of the Legal Analysis of Economic Policy*
(Danilo R. M. Martins)
Inequality, Federalism, and the Right to Basic Health Care [in the Federal District Region]
(Alberio Lima, Elaine Xiol, Paulo S. Sampaio)
The Impact of Tax Incentives on the Price of Electrical Energy Considered in the LAEP Perspective: The Case of Electrical Energy Distribution Companies in the North and North-East Regions of Brazil
(Gustavo Pereira, Júlio Borges)
The Right to Real Wage Stability: Inflation and Wage Setting in Collective Bargaining Agreements of University Professors in the State of Minas Gerais*
(Hugo Pena)
Implementing the Public Defender’s Office in Local Jurisdictions: The Case of the State of Bahia. 
(Alexandre Araujo)
Flexibility of Urban Planning Requirements for Legalization of Property in Squatted Territories in the Federal District.
(Hércules A. da Costa Benício)
Consequences of the Application of the Principle of Personality of Penalties to Financial Market Agents
(Euler Lopes)
Some Legal Implications of IT Interoperability in e-Government in Brazil: the e-Ping Program.*
(Heitor M. de Faria)
Copyright Policymaking for Online Content and Its Effects on the Enjoyment of Fundamental Rights
(Eduardo H. Kruel Rodrigues, Luisa M. Lara)
How the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Affects the Enjoyment of the Right to Health*
(Alexandre Feitosa)
The Inclusion of Exchange Rate Policy in WTO Law: Implications for the Enjoyment of Rights
(Felipe N. C. Ribeiro)
The Quality of Public Transportation in the Federal District as a Means of Social Inclusion
(Andréa de F. Varela, Germano Trindade, Viviane Vasco, Euler Reis)
Universalization of Broadband Infrastructure in Brazil: The National Broadband Program – NBP
(Daniele K. Fontes)

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[Update March 7, 2013: After preliminary evaluation, research proposals marked with an asterisk have been discarded or were set aside for reformulation]

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