Modellplatonismus in Economics – students protest…

On the crisis of “economic science”, see links also here (post in Portuguese with links to materials in English).

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This letter may be downloaded as a pdf here.
You may sign the letter here.
600 people have now signed it.

Dear Mr Chairman, Dear Members of the German Economic Association (Verein für So-cialpolitik),

We are students and teachers of economics at more than 50 universities in the German-speaking world and herewith want to draw attention to the alarming state of our disci-pline whilst wanting to play a constructive role in the reshaping of studies in political economy.

Decades of belief in the self-regulating forces of the market, the predominant “Modellplatonismus” (model Platonism), lack of self-reflection and lack of methodical and theoretical diversity have lead not only our profession to a dead end. The one-sidedness of economic thought also contributes to the ongoing economic crisis and the accompanying lack of perspective.

Economists have a great influence in the public discourse: they engage via numerous research and consulting organizations…

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