‘Creative Economy Prize’ awarded to doctoral dissertation that discusses the legal regulation of social currencies in Brazil

[Click here to read this post in Portuguese]

The doctoral thesis by Marusa Vasconcelos Freire, intitled “Moedas Sociais: Contributo em Prol de um Marco Legal e Regulatório para as Moedas Sociais Circulantes Locais no Brasil“ [Social Currencies: Contributions to the Definition of a Legal and Regulatory Framework of Local Social Currencies in Brazil] was recently awarded the Creative Economy Prize by the Ministry of Culture of Brazil. The work was one of the 19 texts distinguished with the ‘Creative Economy Prize’ of 2012. Academically, the thesis of Marusa Freire was approved by the Graduate Program of the Faculty of Law of the Universidade de Brasília in 2011. The thesis can be downloaded (text in Portuguese) here.

The work by Marusa Freire, who was formerly head of the Legal Office of the Central Bank of Brazil, benefitted from, and incorporated, discussions conducted by the Law, Economy and Society Group (LESG) of the Faculty of Law of the Universidade de Brasília. The LESG is coordinated by professor Marcus Faro de Castro since 2007 (see here, in Portuguese).

One of the distinguishing contributions of Freire’s work is that it develops a legal and interdisciplinary treatment of money as a “complex social institution” which is and must be legally regulated in order to promote equitable and sustainable development. This was recognized by the Ministry of Culture, who awarded the prize to works which have, according to its press release (see here, in Portuguese), significantly “enlarged the discussion of an issue that is of strategic importance in the promotion of sustainable development in Brazil”.

The LESG therefore congratulates Marusa Freire for obtaining the important ‘Creative Economy Prize’ and for advancing the perspective developed in the Group.

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